Friday, May 11, 2007

For our foreing friends.

Our 11 year old son dissappeared without trace from the centre of Veria on 3rd February 2006 at 7.00 p.m. No one saw anything unusual that night.
Our search for him was carried out on an international scale.

On 2nd June 2006,without letting us know beforehand, the police started excavating beside the Town Hall of Veria. Frantically, we asked the police what was going on and they replied that they had been looking into the case and had discovered a gang of 5 juveniles who had confessed to killing our son and had subsequently pointed out various places where they claimed to have buried him.
Almost immediately after this, 3 of the 5 retracted their confessions, declaring that they had been playing a hoax on the police with their original statements.
Up till now, the police have still not discovered the whereabouts of our son's body. On top of this, even through there are adult relatives of the 5 juveniles implicated in the case, the police clame that they are unable to put any pressure on them, as this would be a violation of the human rights of all those involved!!

More details following soon on our blog.



deviousdiva said...

Thank you for posting this in English too. You have many friends abroad as well as English-speaking friends here in Greece who are with you and anxious to follow what is happening in your struggle to discover the truth about your son's disappearance.

If you need any help proof-reading the English translation, check spelling etc or anything I can do at all, please let me know.

If my written Greek was better I would offer to translate your whole blog but sadly it's not! Sorry.

Thinking of you.

L. Chiavola said...

I have been deeply moved after hearing of your son's disappearance. Although we are continents apart, please know that my heart and my prayers go out to your son, you and all of your family. I wish I was one of your neighbors, you would not have to ever worry about being taunted by those lowlife scumbags. I would throw rocks at their empty skulls! I would like to add your son's name to my prayer list and pray for him daily if that would be okay with you.